July 2018


2018 Disaster Planning Toolkit

With one of the most costly hurricane seasons behind us, and being faced with another season of above average activity predictions, the resources below are tools to assist with preparation for possible future events and to help expedite recovery from a storm event. Read Full Article


Active Shooter Insurance Coverage

As active shooter incidents multiply, businesses big and small are reviewing their insurance coverage for such an event, and finding more questions than answers. Read Full Article


D&O Insurance Coverage Summary

The role of such insurance is often characterized as filling in the potential gaps of risk where other corporate protections (such as indemnification) may fail or be subject to circumstances beyond the control of the insured. Read Full Article


What Federal Employment Laws Apply to Your Company? 

There are a number of different federal employment laws that have their own rules for covered employers. Employers should be aware of the federal employment laws that may apply to their company. Read Full Article


2019 Affordability Percentages to Increase

On May 21, 2018, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued Revenue Procedure 2018-34 to index the contribution percentages in 2019 for purposes of determining affordability of an employer's plan under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Read Full Article


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Negotiated Experience Modifiers Extended



OSHA e-Reporting Deadline

July 1, 2018 



OSHA Safe &

Sound Week

August 13 - 19, 2018




2018 Seminar Series Schedule



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