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In Texas, bad weather set a record high for property losses in 2016 – and 2017 isn’t looking much better. Learn about the factors that contribute to this challenging property market.


·         The amount of hail damage in 2016 surpassed that of any other year, and rivaled losses caused by Hurricane Rita in 2008.

·         In 2016, 9 of the 15 weather events that caused more than $1 billion in damages occurred in Texas.

·         134,000: The state’s average number of hail-related claims from 2013 – 2015. Texas has had more hail claims per year than any other state.

·         Texas has experienced 18 $1 billion-plus weather events since 1980. The state leads all others in incidence of weather events of this magnitude.


Following a sharp increase in hail litigation, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick made hailstorm litigation reform one of his 2017 top 10 legislative priorities to reduce the abuse in our legal system.


Tips for weathering the storm:


·         Know your roof: in hail-prone areas, roofs are underwritten based on cost, life expectancy, and degree of damageability of materials used.

·         Protect your fleet: take action to minimize damage to your fleet.

·         Be Prepared: revisit your Disaster Preparedness action plan each year to keep it up-to-date and review it with new employees as they are on-boarded.




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