Weather Watch - 
Tropical Storm Harvey

A tropical storm watch has been issued for a large swath of the Texas Gulf Coast as Tropical Storm Harvey develops into a tropical depression. 

 Tropical Storm Watch
- sustained winds of 39 to 73 mph are possible in the specified coastal area within 48 hours. (Now is the time to begin making preparations for life and property. Review your hurricane checklist and secure any necessary supplies to weather the storm). 

 Now is the time to start preparing for the heavy amounts of rainfall expected in Houston beginning Friday afternoon. Currently, the forecast is predicting 100% chance of rain from Friday to Sunday. 

 Over the past two years it has become evident that flooding is a major issue in many parts of Houston. Be conscious of not only your primary locations, but any job sites and temporary storage locations where you may have inventory or equipment stored. 

 Most especially if you are in a flood prone area, avoid taking any chances by relocating as much inventory and equipment to higher ground as possible.


Also, don't postpone personal preparedness. With high winds and rain comes the potential for power outages. Click here to view a FEMA recommended emergency supply list. 


Should you have any questions, please contact a member of your BCH Service Team for assistance. 


For more information visit: 


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